Tuesday, April 13, 2010

navel gazing

I've noticed, since my surgery, that my navel didn't quite look normal.  Over time, it's gotten much bigger.  I showed my primary care doc, who said casually, "Oh, that hernia?  Here's a card for a surgeon."

So next month, I'll get that patched up.  Turns out to be an "incisional" hernia,  meaning I wouldn't have had it without the surgery.  It's at the bottom of the main incision where the prostate was removed.
In other news, I'm trying to lose weight (which should help with the hernia, too) and get healthy.  I just bought a Gary Fisher Tiburon bike.  When I'm totally healed from surgery I plan to start the P90X program with my son.  I also plan to follow David's lead and learn how to play disc golf, because I live right on a course.

I'm also now on Pravastatin for high cholesterol.  Cholesterol, blood pressure, prostate cancer, hernia, presbyopia ...yep, it's officially middle age.

But life overall is good.  Has anyone noticed that television has gotten a lot better over the past decade?  When I was a kid, "The Beverly Hillbillies" was prime-time fare.  Then it was an endless, boring parade of car-chase detective shows in the 70's, and lame comedy in the early 80's.   Now we've got 30 RockThe Office, Modern Family, and Big Bang Theory for comedies; and great dramas like House.  But the best thing to ever be put on TV (for me) is definitely ABC's Lost.    All of this TV cuts into my reading time, but I am managing to squeeze in some Bernard Cornwell.

My next PSA test is in July.  Until then, I'm going to have my belly button turned back into an "innie", heal up, get healthier, and enjoy life.