Thursday, January 25, 2007

pretty pictures..

Yesterday I had my first weekly meeting with the radiation oncologist. He showed me some images from system that he used to plan my treatments. IMRT is amazing in how it can target specific areas and spare others. Here are some sample images to show you what I mean.
One week into treatment and everything's going fine. And I continue to recover from surgery (now 9 months ago.) Everything is rapidly returning to full capability, I'm happy to report. The radiation will likely cause some setbacks in those areas, but I'm optimistic that any problems will be mild and temporary. After seeing my insides modeled in 3D, and seeing how the radiation goes into all the nooks and crannies where the cancer might be hiding, I'm confident these treatments will knock it out, as long as it's still localized.
I now take along an MP3 player (too poor for an iPod!) to listen to music or podcasts during the treatment. Makes it go by faster. One segment of Science Friday fills the time nicely.

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