Tuesday, April 10, 2007

some relief

Maybe it's the Proctofoam and maybe it's just the passage of time, or both, but the symptoms of acute radiation proctitis are easing. Bowel movements are no longer like giving birth, and there's less--some times zero--blood afterwards. I still haven't gone back to the radiation oncologist, I'm just using the prescription from my family doctor. When that runs out, if symptoms flare up, I'll go see the radiation guy to get some more Proctofoam, but hopefully I'm on the downhill side now as far as symptoms go. Bladder irritation has fallen off as well.
I'm still careful what I eat and drink. No caffeine, no alcohol, very little fiber. Soon I'll try adding soluble fiber to the diet and see what happens.
It's now been almost a month since my last IMRT session.

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