Friday, December 21, 2007

fingers crossed, again

Had blood drawn for PSA yesterday.


Jack said...


I'm 49, had my surgery on May 21st 2007, and had my third post-op PSA test taken on December 20th, and am still waiting on the results. Unfortunately, since the test was so clost to the holidays, the results are taking a little longer than usual to come back. It's been undetectable so far so I'm hoping the trend continues. Good luck!

Replicant said...

Good luck, Jack, and thanks for visiting the blog.

david S. Martinez said...

hi all-psa rose 2 points in a year. 4 months ago, biopsy. negative. 1 week ago, blood test. from 3.9 to 5.2...another biopsy. dre negative. now i wait until thursday, jan. 24, 2008. my dad had it (he's still alive). i'm 48. i'd appreciate ur comments. dave

Replicant said...


Every negative biopsy statistically reduces the odds of finding cancer in a subsequent one. That said, plenty of people (like me) have more than one biopsy before it's found. With me it was the 3rd one. I was pretty weary of biopsies and had that one done in the hospital under general anesthesia. I was actually kind of relieved when they found it, because I was pretty sure I had it by the time of the third biopsy.

Has your uro tried doing a free psa test? The ratio of free to bound psa can help tell if the cause is benign or not.

Best wishes. I know how hard it is to wait for those results.

I highly recommend getting Patrick Walsh's book (2007 edition) if you have not already. Very helpful and reassuring.

Hope you post back after your results.