Wednesday, November 5, 2008

blood draw

Had blood drawn yesterday. Figured a lot of people would be at the polls--seems to have paid off. There was only one person ahead of me.

Now the dilemma that many of us face--to call the office or wait and get it in person? I usually can't stand the wait, and call. One time a nurse gave me an incorrect figure over the phone, leaving out the "less than", even when I questioned I was needlessly anxious. That's the risk of getting it over the phone.

Reading "The Prize" by Daniel Yergin now. Recommended by a college professor I know. It's an enormous book, but so far very readable. It's about oil, in case you're wondering.

I'll post my PSA--which will be 20 months post-salvage radiation--as soon as I find out.

Wish I could skip the DRE...

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