Saturday, August 22, 2009

Larry King

If you missed last night's Larry King Live, here is a transcript:
The whole show was about prostate cancer.


Graham Colville said...

Hello - I seem to have lost your earlier reply to my previous comment outlining my situation. I hope it's okay to post again here in view of my latest PSA test.
I had RP in May 2002 at age of nearly 58. Gleason was 3+4=7 and there was spread to a seminal vesicle but negative margins/no lymph node involvement. Total PSA fell to less than 0.1 and stayed down for a few years. Nadir was 0.004. But in early 2008 it had passed the 0.2 threshold at which Sloan-Kettering, where I had the surgery, uses as its benchmark for recurrence. By Sept 4 2008 it was 0.5. After salvage radiation at S-K which ended in December 2008, PSA fell but only to 0.33 as of May 18 2009. On Aug 31 (last Monday) it was 0.447. Since this is the first rise since salvage radiation, I'm concerned about how serious that much of a rise may be. I've been told that there's often "noise" during the first months or year or so post-radiation. I've never had hormones. Thanks again and apologies for mislaying your earlier reply.

Graham Colville said...

PS - Sorry for the duplication. I've now found your earlier comments under a previous topic and as you suggested I've told my story on the Cancer Forums site. Thanks again.

Graham Colville

Replicant said...

Graham, no problem. Let's talk on the forum. I just posted a reply there.


great blog.