Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday mornings

Gotta love Sunday mornings. Sleep in, read the newspaper, coffee, relax. Not much to report right now. My next PSA will be in January. The anxiety isn't too bad yet.

This morning I'm reading "The Tao of Chess" and practicing some moves on Gameknot where you can find me playing as Replicannt (note the extra "n"). There are always lots of people to play, the atmosphere (I find) is much more civil than on Yahoo games, and the interface is terrific. If you use the link above and get a premium subscription, I will get a free month, but you can certainly have a lot of fun without paying a dime.

Also trying out some Clic Magnetic reading glasses. They're great, but since you are most likely a man reading this, I would encourage you to get the large size. I bought the regular size and they're almost too small. Otherwise they're a very cool invention. You can see them worn on CSI.

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