Sunday, March 7, 2010

Has salvage radiation worked for you?

Did you have salvage radiation for a rising PSA, post-prostatectomy, years ago and are still free from progression?

I have for the past couple of years, scoured the Internet in hopes of coming across individuals who, after having salvage radiation after prostatectomy, have had no signs of cancer (i.e. they are progression-free) for several years.

I have found people who had salvage radiation a couple of years ago, and on a Google prostate cancer group, I think I read the story of someone who was 4 years out from SRT, with PSA still undetectable.

I am following the cases of several guys on who are having SRT now, or who recently finished (within the last 24 months).

I know from stats that there must be some folks out there who had their PSA rise after surgery, then had radiation, and who are still free from PSA progression 5 or more years later. Are you one of those people, or do you know one?

If so, add a comment here. I'd like to hear your story, and so would visitors to the blog.

I do moderate the comments, so you won't see your message until I have a chance to review it. Keeping the spammers at bay, you know.

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chris said...

My dad had PCa 10 years ago. His treatment choice was radiation only. His PSA is still <.1 He was Dx gleason 6 on biopsy. Who knows maybe he was higher. I had PCa at 42. OC G6 was my final pathology.