Sunday, December 19, 2010


For some time now my white cells have been too low in number. My WBC is 2.8 k/mm3 (2,800 per cubic millimeter of blood) and the count should be above 4.0 k/mm3.

It was slipping way before I had radiation, but it has gotten worse since. And it's also gone back in a positive direction. In 2008 it was as low as 2.2.

My neutrophils count is also sometimes a little low, as it is now.

Scouring the web is not turning up much on this condition. It could be from radiation, I suppose, but the numbers and dates of treatment don't seem to correlate. Or there might be something wrong with my bone marrow, unrelated to prostate cancer. It's a mystery right now, because I have not seen a hematologist. My primary care doc wants to keep an eye on it right now. He says he would have referred me if I had been having trouble with infections (I haven't).

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