Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Second Birthday

Five years ago today I was recalled to life, when I started the first of 38 radiation treatments, in an effort to rescue me after a prostatectomy failed to eradicate my cancer.
It worked!
In spite of a rapidly doubling PSA and short time between surgery and biochemical recurrence, it worked.  I sit here now, half a decade later, with a PSA of less than 0.1.

Tomorrow (I was a little slow) you can download the Kindle version of my story for free.


Quincy1717 said...

I, for one, am looking forward to reading your story, Replicant. I was diagnosed at age 52,5 years ago with stage D2 adenocarcinoma of prostate. a. Extensive bony metastasis/pain, control issues
b. Total androgen blockade
2. Major new arthritis associated with anti-androgen therapy (Lupron injections once every 4 months
I had a PSA of 511 and a Gleason score of 9. My oncologist recommended against surgery as it was too likely to cause the cancer to spread at this advanced state.The Lupron treatment, though fraught with numerous side effects, has been effective, keeping my PSA levels below 4.0 You are the first person, outside of my drs. that I have been able to contact on this subject. I would consider it a huge favour if you would give me the info I need to be able to download kindle to either my Windows XP (preferable) or, if neccesary, my iPad Best of luck, Quincy 1717

Replicant said...

Quincy 1717, we're at different places in our prostate cancer journey, and I'm not sure how relevant my story will be to your situation. However, if you can contact me at I will get a copy to you via email.

I highly recommend visiting the prostate cancer discussion forum at

I wish you well.

Replicant said...

Also, to get Kindle software (free) for Windows XP, just go to

To get it for your iPad, go to iTunes on your iPad and search for Kindle in the store.

But, as I said, I don't mind sending you a copy via email.

Quincy1717 said...

Thank You Replicant,
You have provided me with all that I need and more. The copy of your story via email would be appreciated. To you, a bright future with little pain, Quincy1717

Replicant said...

Quincy, just email me at and I'll send you a non-Kindle copy if you still want that.