Friday, June 13, 2008

An update to "Even Better Odds"

Earlier, I reported on research by Loeb, et al., on the efficacy of salvage radiation (see "Even Better Odds" below).

It turns out their research really didn't turn up improved odds for me like me--pos. margins and/or extracapsular extension.

I read a more detailed abstract of this on the AUA website. (I've also ordered a full text copy of the article for my own use).

On the AUA site (where they make poster sessions available for free) it says (all caps is my emphasis) "In patients with SM+/ECE, SVI, and LN+, the 7-year progression free survival rates WITH OBSERVATION were 62%, 32%, and 7%, respectively. AMONG THOSE WHO FAILED, 56%, 26%, and 0%, respectively, maintained an undetectable PSA for 5 years after salvage radiotherapy."

Okay. This means--using positive margin patients like me as an example--that 62% did not progress in 7 years of observation. Of the men that DID see their PSA rise during observation (like me), 56% seemed to have a good response to salvage radiation, at least out to 5 years.

So I'm back to post-salvage progression-free odds in the neighborhood of 55-60% again, like Stephenson's research indicates.

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