Thursday, August 7, 2008


One month on South Beach reduced my overall cholesterol 26% to 189. My other numbers, out of whack a few months ago, have fallen into place as well--triglycerides, HDL, LDL, glucose.

However, my white blood cell count remains low at 2.2 (normal range 4-11). My primary care doctor is not concerned. Not sure if I should be. Nothing else looks strange, although absolute neutrophils are slightly low.

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Jim Schlemmer said...

Hey, replicant.

Seems like you're making good progress on your weight/cholesterol.

I've too have been fighting on the two fronts of PcA and cholesterol simultaneously. When I got the results of my first high PSA blood test back I was more focused on my bad cholesterol numbers. I didn't even know what PSA was at that point.

They wanted to put me on lipitor right off but I resisted, saying that I'd rather try the diet/exercise route first. I altered my diet quite a lot, started taking fish oil daily and exercised more (though not enough). Six months later my total and LDL were way down and my HDL was up substantially. I still have a bit of work to do there but it's nice to get some positive blood work back for once. I've been exercising more in recent months.

I'm about half way through my radiation. The rad. onc. is doing a wide field for the first half of the treatment so as to catch any lymph nodes that may be involved. Then he'll narrow it down to just the prostate bed area.

I've had some gastro-intenstinal problems, but Immodium seems to take care of it pretty well. All in all I seem to be tolerating the Lupron and radiation pretty well, though I know I'm only halfway through.

I meet with a medical oncologist today to see what he makes of my idea of adjuvent chemo in the face of non-zero post-RP, GS8 and ECE.

Take care.